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Paul Diguiseppi: Ways to Help Disadvantaged Children

May 12, 2012

California drywall entrepreneur Paul Diguiseppi actively supports a number of charitable causes, including Compassion International, an organization committed to improving the plight of impoverished children around the world, and World Vision International, which sponsors children in developing nations. Diguiseppi indicates that individuals can help disadvantaged children in a number of ways.

1. Be a mentor to a child without a mother or father. Organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters match children with responsible adults who are willing to give their time to help fill the void of a missing parent.

2. Make a donation. Even if you do not have the financial resources to make a monetary donation to an organization such as Compassion International or World Vision International, you can still help by donating items you no longer need, particularly clothing. Check for drop boxes in your local community, or contact organizations such as the Salvation Army.

3. Consider becoming a foster parent and taking a parentless child into your home. You will be giving the child the structure and emotional support she needs to have a happy, healthy life.

4. Contact your local United Way chapter to find volunteer programs that benefit children.


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