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Drywall Explained

June 7, 2012

By Paul Diguiseppi

Drywall, often called Sheetrock, debuted in 1916 but did not take hold on the American construction scene until after World War II. Drywall has since become one of the top building materials in the country, seeing use in almost every new construction in the United States. Before its invention, building interiors featured a combination of lath and multiple layers of plaster. The plastering process took a great deal of time because one layer had to dry completely before the next could be applied.

While many people are surrounded by drywall at home and work, most do not know that gypsum serves as the material’s main component. Gypsum, a mineral found throughout the world, is sandwiched by a layer of heavyweight paper that can be treated to resist fire and mildew.

Paul Diguiseppi has fulfilled duties as President of West Coast Drywall, Inc., since 1982. The California business specializes in both residential and commercial construction.


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