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Do-It-Yourself Drywall Textures: Hopper Guns and Spray Cans

March 11, 2013

Paul Diguiseppi founded his own drywall company in 1982 and has since branched out to run West Coast Drywall, Inc., a successful California and Nevada company. Paul Diguiseppi has offered to share some techniques that can be done at home for finishing and texturing drywall.

Drywall presents a smooth surface that can be customized to create a unique look in your home. If the drywall is new, make sure all the seams are taped, smoothed, and finished. Always start texturing by adding primer to the walls.

Some common texturing methods:

Hopper Guns—These are typically small-scale machines that can be rented, where a powdered material is added to a hopper and mixed with water. Air pressure squirts the mixture out of a hose and evenly applies it to walls. It can create everything from a light texture to a thick texture.

Spray Cans—Pre-mixed texture materials are sold in spray cans. This small solution works best on patches and problem areas. Practice with it first.


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