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Global Vision International: Volunteering for Change

May 19, 2013

By Paul Diguiseppi

Global Vision International (GVI), an organization that connects volunteers to important projects around the world, had been actively trying to better the world for nearly twenty years, and in that time has developed more than 150 volunteer programs. Some of the projects sponsored by GVI increase access to quality healthcare, provide educational opportunities for children in need, and get children active through sports training. The organization also trains individuals to teach English as a foreign language. When individuals can speak, read, and write English fluently, they gain access to better jobs that drastically improve their standard of living.

Additionally, the organization actively works to conserve wildlife and ecosystems, understanding the imperative for biodiversity and a healthy planet. This focus on conservation includes our oceans, which greatly impact life on land. GVI volunteers have also helped build new infrastructure for housing, healthcare, and other necessities. Visit the GVI website,, for more information about volunteering opportunities and the impact that this organization has made.

About the author: Dedicated to supporting populations in need, Paul Diguiseppi contributes to GVI, among other international charities.


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